Optimize workforce

Staff management

Our software enables you to plan the use of your workforce effectively in your establishments with a few clicks Dematerialized pre-employment declarations.
Publish all types of work contracts in line with your collective agreement.
Publish attendance and check-in sheets, case-by-case or in batches.
Management and storage of the necessary documents (identity card, social security card, residence permit, bank account details, photo, etc.)
Management of trial periods in line with regulations in force.
Automated calculation of annual wage increases.
Creation and assignment of special bonuse
Control of staff entries and exits thanks to customizable meters and alerts: absences, medical checkups, sick leave, etc.

Planning staff

Automate and accelerate the creation of your schedules thanks to input assisted by Unit or Customizable hour codes.
Enhanced support for cuts, absences, sick leave, etc.
Creation and duplication of schedule models.
Automatic alert if there is a change in planning.
Control and design of schedules based on history.
Import data from your tills and time clocks, and automatic filling of achieved schedules.

Follow business activity

Monitor your turnover

Easyplanet: you get all the critical information to make the right decisions and optimize team management.
Scoreboard: easily visualize the critical information of the day (open restaurants, planned employees, budgeted turnover, etc.)
Filter your research with your defined criteria: type of contract, day, hour, unit, region, country, zones or areas, brands or licenses... You can get a precise mapping of your activity at any moment. Monitor your activity at any time and wherever you are. Various levels of activity in one or several establishments Make plans: turnover, number of diners, budgeted and estimate Analyze: your turnover, collected from our partner PI Electronique or from any other collection system

Productivity analysis

Easyplanet reports your information.
Turnover analysis
Staff analysis
Provisional operating statement
You don’t have to wait until the annual account closing to find out about your management information. Monitor closely the gross margin, so that you can efficiently manage the costs and productivity.

100% mobile

easyplanet in your pocket! Plannings on your smartphones
Monitor your activity; analyze your turnover and your productivity, wherever you are. On your computer, on your tablet, at work, at home or when you travel, you have access to Easyplanet on the Internet... The Easyplanet app keeps on improving! Enjoy the new features, free of charge.
"Alerte" by mail or SMS
Easyplanet is the only solution that is completely nomadic, scalable and customized.


100% scalable. Easyplanet evolves and you get free access to all update
- Legislation monitoring
- Import/export towards management and accounting softwares.
- Analyze your turnover collected from our partner PI Electronique or from any other collection system

Installation & subscription

Easyplanet: all included from 90 euros/month.