The all-in-one tool to manage your restaurant like a top-chef

Save money and save time every day, thanks to Multi.

Our Solutions

Our first job? Restaurant business.
As former restaurateurs, we understand your necesseties. This is why we have developed technological know-how and created Multi: the precise, multi-tasking tool to manage your restaurants.

Management of turnover

Track your budgeted, estimated and real turnover. Anticipate your flow with the weather recorded day by day and create your personalized performance indicators (outdoor events, cinema outings, etc.). Collect this data from our POS partners.

HR solution

Easily manage the life of your company and your employees: planning, absences, trial period, salary, personal documentation ... All information about your staff is accessible with just one click!

Products management

A simple purchasing system to do your inventories and manage stock movements: place your orders, control your receipt of goods, reconcile your invoices, make your credit notes.

Financial flow management

Create cash flow reports and forecasts for better visualization and analysis.

Laboratory management

Managing your restaurant ... right down to the laboratory: create production schedules, monitor activity and anticipate supplies to optimize quantities and save money.

They chose Multi

Our solution is recognized by the world’s most innovative catering companies, large and small companies.

Manage your staff

Plan and organize your staff efficiently in just a few clicks. All the information is grouped together to make your daily life easier: attendance, trial periods, salary, schedule and personal documentation (identity card, social security card, bank details, photo …) Also follow your alerts: end of trial period, period of consideration, end of residence permits …